ESCOP4Green (Enhancing Sustainable Consumption and Production for the Green transition) is an international research project funded by the European Union- Next Generation EU, "MUR- Fondo Promozione e Sviluppo- Ministerial Decree 737/2021" consisting of 40 researchers from universities in 8 nation States. This project aims to analyze and study the best practices of market sustainability and foster the truly "green" ones in bringing appropriate forms of green branding and simultaneously focusing on consumer empowerment.
In a practical perspective, the project focuses on the study and comparison between two Italian markets strongly influenced by the Green Transition i.e., the electricity and the paper production markets. 
The electricity market has undergone many European, national and regional regulatory interventions and innovations resulting from cultural and social changes. It has thus become a decentralised, highly digitalised and renewable energy user-oriented market. In the light of these changes, in the energy market, this project examines the forms of self-production and sharing of renewable energy and emphasizes the relevance of the community dimension in achieving the Green Goals.
The paper market, on the other hand, suffers a deep crisis due to the concentration of its production in areas of the world such as China and the United States with green policies less rigorous than those of Europe. In this market, the project studies the green and innovative proposal of science that endorses the use of bacteria for the production of cellulose. The study concludes with a pilot project of "sustainable" paper production in a "glocal" perspective, within the paper district in which the University of Camerino (Fabriano, Pioraco and Castelraimondo) operates.

The objectives of this Project are to:
- draft guidelines for consumers and businesses in accordance with the new European regulatory framework (EU Taxonomy, Green Deal etc.);
- collect contractual forms for enterprises involved in the production of sustainable goods and services;
- list down a full taxonomy of unfair advertising (greenwashing);
- develop an informed and comprehensive regulatory framework for enterprises engaged in the green transition focusing on corporate environmental responsibility, energy and environmental taxation; and
- collect climate change litigation cases.

The project involves the establishment of a Panel of Advisors composed of Italian and foreign experts of sustainable markets (associations and organizations of consumers and businesses, environmental associations, local authorities interested in the green transition etc.), to foster an effective dialogue between research and civil society.