Project: ESCOP4Green

With 40 researchers from universities in 8 nation States, ESCOP4Green Project looks into the best practices of sustainability around the globe and brings in with that best, a focus on green branding and consumer empowerment. The ESCOP4Green team focuses on the two main markets buzzing in the ‘green transition’, i.e., the electricity and the paper production.

In electricity market, over the last few years, due to the European, national and regional regulatory interventions and innovations we have seen a shift to a more decentralised, highly digitalised and renewable energy user-oriented market. This shift points to the relevance of the community dimension in achieving the Green Goals.

In the other focused market i.e. the paper market, a deep crisis has been witnessed due to the concentration of its production with big players like China and the United States. The green policies in these dominants is less rigorous than those of Europe. The ESCOP4Green team in this regard, will study possibility of the use of bacteria for the production of cellulose. The study concludes with a pilot project of "sustainable" paper production in a "glocal" perspective, within the paper district in which the University of Camerino (Fabriano, Pioraco and Castelraimondo) operates.

ESCOP4Green Project calls for the involvement of Italian and foreign experts of sustainable markets (associations and organizations of consumers and businesses, environmental associations, local authorities interested in the green transition etc.) to bring in a more practical perspective on this Project. The idea is to establish of a Panel of Advisors composed to foster an effective dialogue between research and civil society.